Prova de nivelamento de Inglês


Esta prova possui somente uma resposta correta e será através deste resultado que poderemos indicar a melhor turma para você. 

Pronto para fazer o teste?

Good luck!

1) These are very ......
A) difficult exercise
B) exercises difficult
C) difficults exercises
D) dificult exercises
E) exercises difficults

2) The museum ....... on Mondays.
A) is closing
B) closes
C) close
D) closed
E) was closing

3) What time .....she usually go to bed?
A) do
B) is
C) does
D) was
E) were

4) You speak
A) very slowly
B) very slow
C) very slower
D) slows
E) slowering

5) She a restaurant before.
A) did never worked
B) have never worked
C) has never worked
D) working
E) is worked

6) How much salt do you eat?
A) a little
B) a few
C) much not
D) any
E) is not any

7) Oranges are .......than bananas.
A) more healthy
B) healthier
C) healthyer
D) healthy
E) healthyest

8) The door opened and two men.....
A) enter
B) came out
C) came out of
D) came out off
E) out

9) Kevin said he.....back in ten minutes.
A) would be
B) was
C) will be
D) were
E) is

10) Who the house next door?
A) does live
B) live
C) lives
D) living
E) livest

11) What ...when you graduate from school?
A) you are going to do
B) are you going do
C) are you going to do
D) was you going do
E) is you going to do

12) I got $ 50 for my birthday but I ....
A) did not spent it yet
B) have not spent it yet
C) spent
D) do not spent
E) did not spent

13) .......the same gym for five years.
A) I am going to
B) I have been going to
C) I go to
D) I go
E) I gone

14) The little girl .....that she was lost.
A) tell
B) said us
C) told us
D) say
E) says

15) ........clothes online saves a lot of money.
A) Buying
B) To buy
C) Buy
D) Bought
E) Buing